so here's the award le pearl gave me, thank you sweety!
and here we go with the 10 things that make me happy:

1: long (night)walks with my dog Storm and some music on.

2: sitting on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle (yamaha R1) and drive/racing very hard.

3: shopping with my twinsister.

4: watching my boyfriend tattooing.

5: summer, beach, the sea.

6: listening to music.

7: travelling.

8: going to a lot of party's.

9: Jazzy, my cat.

10: sleeping all day long in bed can make me happy too!

so this was my top 10, hope you enjoyed it!


  1. aw that was sweet! you do boy fashion? katie eary AW 2010 blew my mind. love its colours. maybe your boyfriend would like it too.

  2. No Fair! your dog is no.1 and your cat is no.9!
    this is discrimination haha!

    I love shopping with my twinsister too :-)
    that will probly be no.2 on my list!

    Jess x



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