beautiful blogger award!

hi everyone,
i've just received my first beautiful blogger award and i'm very happy with it! I got it from this lovely girl: swastruck, you can check her blog out here. thanks so much for the award!
well, i'm supposed to write 7 things about myself and then pass the award on, so let's get started right away.

: my name is Xanthe, i'm 22 years old and I live in The Netherlands in a city called Eindhoven.

: I love music, daydreaming, reading, travelling, party's, long walks with my dog, shopping, tattoo's, London, getting inspiration out of so many blogs and everything else what inspires me. oh and Aerosmith's Cryin' is my alltime favorite song :).

: my mom and dad have a cafe/bar here in Eindhoven, they have it since i'm born and I love it and it means a lot to me! it's called La Folie wich means The Crazyness in French, I also work there and i like it.

: I have a twinsister, her name is Zoë and I love her very very much! we do everything together and I can't imagine my life without her :). I also have a sweet big brother who's 2 years older than me, love him very very much too ofcourse!

: I think everyone has some kind of hero in their life ;), well my hero is my boyfriend who I love very much! and also my dog, called Storm. and not to forget: Mr. Benicio del Toro, I really think he's the best actor I know and I love every single movie where he's in.

: travelling: I really really want to see a lot of the world! I've never been out of Europe so it's actually gonna be time to get out of here soon :). nr. 1 on my list is New-Zealand and nr. 2 is Australia. it must be very beautiful overthere.

: I just started blogging in december '09 and i like it very much, I hope you guys like my blog too :). anyway, I thought i'd share my favorite top 10 bloggers (who are a huge inspiration for me) with you:

1. my all-time favorite: studded hearts

so this was my top 10, I bet i'm forgetting a lot of other amazing bloggers right now but there are so many! if I put them all in my list, i'll probably have a list with 50 bloggers on it (if not more) haha!

anyway this was my list with 7 things about myself and my life, hope you enjoyed it!
bye to you all and have a nice day/evening/night sweethearts!
almost forgot something:
i'm passing the award to those 3 amazing bloggers :), check them out!



  1. Oh sweet, please remind me so I can do it this week coming up some time! :)

    Cat! x

  2. that was quick haha. congrats and you deserve it :D oh i love idylle to, I forgot about her :D. Well done and I like your 7 things about yourself!

  3. hey lovely. congrats with the award ! your blog is really awesome. thank you so much for mine! it means a lot to me. thanks for reading and liking it. :) you're great! and yes, i will definitely do it too!


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